Water diluted varnishes based on emulsion like base of acrylic need suitable protective seal and protective band. During varnishing or room painting or repainting of damaged walls or plastering it is necessary to cover wooden windows with protection band or film to avoid making them dirty with cement, plaster, lime etc., which are able to dissolve the varnish layer.

Tesa Beiersdorf GmbhTesa 4438 blue
Tesa Beiersdorf GmbhTesa 4438 rose/white
3 MScotch Brand Tapeyellow
3 MScotch Brand 2090
Long Mask
Masking Tape
Recommended procedure of surface protection to implementing of windows into the building:

  • after the implementation of windows, before the plastering to stick the plastering strip on the windows (for example picco 6 mm) and on the whole window to stick a protection film
  • ventilation during the refurbishment (plastering, painting)
  • after the refurbishment to put away the protection film and to break off the removable part of strip

Do not use paper strips in any case, due to the fact that UV rays cause the not removable parts are to be stuck on the surface (rests of the glue)! In case you have decided for other bands, read guiding information, because many stick bands easy to get in local store are not convenient for acrylic colors!