As a basic material for production of windows we use glued window plywood prisms – EUROPRISMs.

For production of glued wooden window prisms – euro prism the coniferous or deciduous wood is being used with humidity around 13-12%, assorted according to the DIN 68 360 for euro prisms.

Wooden glued window prism is composed of 3 or 4 lamellas:

  • Lamella – upper – is quality assorted according to DIN 68360. It can be fixed, or linear joined with jagged joining.
  • Lamellas – middle – are produced with linear joining jagged joining.
  • Lamella – bottom – is produced in quality according to DIN 68360. It can be fixed or linear joined with jagged joining.

For production of wooden glued window prisms – euro prisms re used lamellas A,B,C stuck together after the spreading the certified glue D-4 (Durolok, Rakoll, etc.) in to three ply prism.

Quality standard of euro prism is assured by keeping the standard according to the DIN 68360 in process of certified production.

Basic specific wage has to be for production of glued window prisms from coniferous wood at least 350 kg/m3 and for deciduous trees at least 550 kg/m3. Cross section of wooden glued prisms – euro prisms have to be constructed in symmetrical way.