For production of windows and doors we use insulated double pane glass or triple pane glass. It is a modern glass of new generation with superb thermo-insulating parameters. It is composed of three or two panes of first class glass float, from which one or two panes have inside (in inner space) thin coating of noble metal. This coating is slightly changing brightness and transparency of glass. But the reason of this coating is to reflex the heat rays trying to escape from the building and return them into inner space. The space between two or among three panes is fulfilled with argon in order to prevent the molecular exchange of warm.

Advantages of use glazing:

  • Keeps the warm, protects against cold
  • Exploits solar energy but not excessively
  • decrease the heating costs
  • environment friendly
  • creates a pleasant ambient in room
  • let the shine in with no limit
  • color neutral nearly
  • assures the top quality of production and life cycle

Used insulation glasses keep the warm in room and in building, it was produced by heating. This function of glass is its warm insulation feature and it is characterized by ….of warm by glazing Ug [W/(m2K)].The lower this value is the lower the warm lost is. Value Ug is the most important characteristic of insulation glass. Not less important value at insulating glass is the solar energy transfer coefficient “g” – it express the relation of warm coming into the interior through glazing and solar energy falling down on this glaing. This relation is total of two compounds: radiation transfer through glazing coefficient T and relation of warm gain of interior as impact of emission of heat Q2 and energy of solar raying Q1 falling on glazing g= T+Q1/Q2.

Used insulating glasses, we put in the windows MAKROWIN 88 as standard, reach the heat transfer coefficient Ug=0.6 W/m2K/ what is improvement in relation to standard insulation glass Ug=1.1 W/(m2K).

Saving energy reduces the costs, protects environment and decreases production of CO2.